Group Project

This year’s Leadership Rockford Group Project will focus on opportunities for collaboration in our community. Participants with  be charged to identify one area for collaboration between two non-related industries to develop an answer to an area of opportunity in our community.

Project desired outcomes:

  • Build in depth relationships with a small group of LR participants
  • Effectively problem solve with individuals of different “colors” (green, blue, gold, orange)
  • Identify and address a community challenge; engage in forming an implement-ready solution

Summary: It has been well documented that “silos” within an organization can wreak havoc on the effectiveness and, in turn, profitability of an organization. Can the same be said of organizations within communities? Are organizational/industry “silos” contributing to areas of opportunity within our community?

Successful Outcome: Participants will identify unique areas of opportunity within the city that break down traditional silos to expose potential out-of-the-box partnerships and solutions. Participants will leave the program with a better understanding of two industries and key players as well as a collaborative perspective on the community’s additional opportunities.

Project and Presentation Requirements